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10 Make-up Tricks Every Woman Should Know About


Make-up can never hide bad skin. That being said, investing on skin care products that make your skin clear and bright should be every woman’s priority over purchasing make-up products. Use organic or natural products as much as possible and use products that are age-appropriate. For example, once you hit 30s, retinol cream must be in your skin care regimen to avoid wrinkles from appearing.

However, there are make-up tricks that let you get the bang for your buck and allow you to enhance your look. Here are some tricks of the trade every woman should know about:

fringey eyelashes mascara

  1. To have fringe-y eyelashes, use mascara that is not more than a month old – fresh ones do not flake and glide better. When applying mascara, wiggle the brush from the base of your lashes and then sweep outward AND upward. You want chunky lashes at the base that taper into fringes at the ends.


  1. Use products that can be of multiple functions. This is convenient especially if you put a cosmetic pouch in your bag. For example, have a cheek color that can also be applied to your lips. Pink works on all skin tones – dab them on your cheeks, blend and put some on your lips!
  1. Know which shade of red brightens your face. A bold, red lipstick should be a staple on every woman’s make-up kit. But you need to know which shade of red compliments your skin tone. Warm reds (orangey base) look great on dark skin tones; cool reds (bluish base) work better with fair skin tones.
  1. Master how to use a liquid eyeliner. This helps you pop your eyes fast.
  1. Here’s a trick to get killer cheekbones with make-up:
  • Use a sheer shimmer powder on top of your cheekbones, and under your temples.
  • Pucker up so you can see the hollows of your cheeks. Use a deep nude blush in those hollow just under the cheekbones.
  • Smile. Using circular motions, apply a peachy shade at the top of your cheeks.
  1. Always have clean, shaped brows. Use clear mascara to comb your brows so you can see how they lay naturally. Shape the brow using a brow pencil, then fill in the brow with eyebrow powder.
  1. Want to have skin that is not too matte nor too dewy? Apply highlighter before foundation.white eyeliner bright eyes
  1. To achieve bright eyes, use a white or pale beige pencil on the water line. Vitamin C Serum helps too!
  1. To achieve lips that have a three-dimensional quality without using gloss, dab a shimmer pigment in white, gold or yellow on a Q-tip and apply on the center toward the inside to get a shiny look without gloss.

Take it from Instyle! They generously shared five easy steps in doing face contour make-up and even recorded a video of it!

As always, it pays to start off with clean and clear skin. Make sure to clean your face before putting make-up on, and moisturize first. (You can easily accomplish the 3-step skin regimen in five minutes: Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize)

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