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Swimsuit Wear Guide Based on Body Shapes


Summer doesn’t need to be spent covered in clothes, especially when you are at the beach. Regardless of your body type, there is a swimsuit for you!

So don’t despair. You don’t need to go to the beach covered up, (or even skip the waters altogether) and be miserable. You just have to be smart about what to wear to cover up your flaws and highlight your assets.


If you are petite:

Petite women are usually 5’4” or shorter. Petite figures have small trim figures.

Style Guide:

  1. Find styles that elongate your torso and/or legs.
  2. Avoid bandeau-style tops that go straight across.
  3. Wear low-rise or high cut leg bottoms.
  4. Wear printed triangle or halter tops, twisted bandeaus that have sweetheart style necklines.

If you are curvy/full-figured:

Curvy woman have full hips with a larger bust (as opposed to hourglass figures that have proportional hips and breasts).

Style Guide:

  1. Avoid hipsters, boyshorts or thin-stringed bottoms.
  2. Avoid horizontal-striped patterns.
  3. Wear skirted bottoms.
  4. Wear halter or tops that offer support.
  5. One-piece swimsuits look good on you!

If you have an hourglass figure:

Hourglass figures have bigger tops and bottoms and have smaller waists. They are generally proportional – their hips are proportionate with their breasts.

Style Guide:

  1. Find styles that fit and support your figure – top and bottom. Mix and match outfits will look great on you. Solid + Print or Solid or Print + Print
  2. Avoid hipsters, boyshorts or thin-stringed bottoms.
  3. Wear halter or constructed tops that offer support.
  4. Wear tie-side bottoms that have thick ties.

If you have an athletic figure:

This is sometimes referred to as the rectangle body shape. Athletic-figured women have boyish shapes – very straight figures with no curves – narrow hips + smaller breasts.

Style Guide:

  1. Avoid bandeau-style tops or those that just go straight across (tube tops). It further emphasizes your small chest.
  2. Wear triangle or halter tops, with busy prints. Choose those with ruffles, fringes or beaded detail.
  3. You are perfect for the monokini – the cutout one-piece swimsuit!
  4. You can wear bandeaus that are either twisted or have sweetheart style necklines.
  5. Wear hipsters or boyshorts.

If you have a pear-shaped figure:

Pear-shaped woman are generally smaller on top and fuller on the bottom. So they have smaller shoulders, breasts, waists and fuller hips, butts or thighs.

Style Guide:
1. Avoid boyshorts or hipsters – they make your hips look wider.

  1. Avoid bottoms with busy prints or horizontal stripes.
  2. Wear dark solid color bottoms.
  3. Wear embellished tops. Don’t be afraid to go print-crazy.
  4. Wear bottoms that are high-cut. It cuts your silhouette and lets you look slimmer.

If you have an apple-shaped figure:

Apple-shaped figures are sometimes called the inverted triangle shape too. These figures have bigger tops and smaller bottoms. So they have wider shoulders and fuller breasts and small hips and bottoms.

Style Guide:

  1. Wear dark solid color tops.
  2. Wear printed bottoms.
  3. You are better off with halter or constructed tops, for supports.
  4. Wear hipsters or boyshorts.

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