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10 Fashion Tips that Never Go Out of Style

Fashion tips

Fashion trends come and go but these classic fashion tips never go out of style. Consider these ten fashion tips when planning on updating your wardrobe or putting together your look or outfits:

  1. Strategically show skin.

Looking sexy doesn’t need to involve a lot of bare skin. If you want to look sexy, you should know what to bare and what to hide – otherwise, if you show everything, you leave nothing to the imagination. And where’s the mystery in that?

Stylists recommend choosing only one body part to show off when dressing up. If you want to show your legs, stay covered on top for example.

  1. Accessorize in colors.

Neutrals never go out of style. Navy, camel, black, grey and white are classic colors. To let your look stand out, accessorize in bold hues. Have shoes or bags in complementary colors and you will have a well-put but eye-catching look.

  1. Know what’s stretchy.

Here’s the secret formula to get those stretchy, formfitting clothes that don’t leave you hanging when laundered: 95% cotton and 5% Lycra spandex. Skinny jeans should have at least 2% Lycra for them to hold their shape.

When going jeans-shopping, always go for the smaller size. Jeans always stretch, and you wouldn’t want to have baggy jeans.

  1. Know how to alter – or know a good seamstress.

Alteration is a common thing for clothes. Very few people fit into clothes perfectly. Either the length is wrong or the shoulders are too wide.

As a rule, for pants, the hems should be half an inch to ¾ inch off the floor and just graze the tops of your shoes.

  1. Consider clothes for the long haul.

Before buying an item, gauge how it will hold up to wear and care – especially if you are going to be using it regularly. Don’t buy clothes that you cannot maintain (for example, sweaters that for hand-wash only but you will never be able to hand-wash properly) and if you are going to be using it a lot, it is more practical to buy the quality item even if it’s a bit more pricey.

  1. Know (and fully embrace) your shape.

Don’t base your shopping decision on clothes based on how they look on a mannequin – try it on! But before you try clothes, you need to know your shape. While you may be unhappy with your built, knowing your shape lets you identify which silhouettes flatter you, and from there you can buy clothes that look good on you.

For example, petite women should stay clear of maxi dresses. They need to wear dresses that fall just above the knee and have defined waists.

  1. When in doubt what shoes to wear, go for nude heels.

Nude pumps that match your skin tone (so nude also varies) should be an investment as they go well with every clothing item you own. An added bonus? Nude pumps make your legs look longer.

  1. See yourself in the light if you are wearing white.

Whites are more see-through when in daylight. So unless you intentionally want your clothes to be see-through, check yourself first in a brightly lit room to be safe.

  1. Don’t be afraid of two things: mixing print and color.

Like we have mentioned above, pair up neutrals with a dash of color.

And don’t be afraid to mix prints! Here are some basic tips to get you started right: 1) You can wear two different prints that repeat the same colors. 2) You can mix a large pattern with a smaller one. Better yet, use the smaller print as an accent.

Zoe Saldana is a perfect example. (Vionnet)


  1. Don’t skimp on your underwear.

They effectively hide bulges. As a rule, underwear should be seamless and not ‘seen’ or ‘bulge’ through clothing.

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