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Tips on How to Use Accessories to Complete Your Look

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It’s all in the details. Accessories can really make or break your outfits! Even the most well-put together outfits can look trashy or off with the smallest accessory.

We list down key accessories every woman must own and have a few tips to make sure one can use them well.

1. Jewelry: Rings, Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets.

Pair jewelry with other key accessories we will mention below.

If you would like to use everything – earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings – in an outfit, feel free to do so. However, do not wear huge earrings and a necklace. Just just one then add a bracelet or ring. You can have one statement piece jewelry – either huge, bold, or overpowering – and keep the others one simple but nice.

2. Belts.

Belts can be statement pieces and can be worn over shirts, blazers, dresses, etc. It can emphasize a small waist so avoid this when you are trying to draw eyes from your stomach area.

3. Scarves

Scarves can create multiple looks with outfits. Choose them to add color, print and even texture to your wardrobe. Don’t limit yourself to putting them around the neck – use them in your bags, wrists or even in your heads!


4. Shoes

You can pair bold colored shoes to an outfit that has neutral colors and you already have made a fashion statement!

5. Glasses

Eyeglasses are not just merely eyewear – they are statement accessories too!
There are also hats, jackets, hosiery like funky tights and stockings! The possibilities for accessorizing are endless!

Now tips on how to use these accessories:


1. Don’t overdo it!

While layering is the trend, be careful not to go overboard. If you like to accessorize with jewelry, be sure to just stick with one area if you want to do some layering. If you are doing layering in one area, skip wearing bold or big pieces of jewelry in other areas.

2. No one will ever know – use fashion pieces!

You don’t have to own expensive jewelry to be fashionable. Don’t be shy when it comes to wearing fake pieces – faux gold, silver or jewels can dress up outfits and no one will have to know that they aren’t real! Just make sure you buy the higher quality because cheap jewelry tarnishes pretty quickly.

3. Choose one or two accessories and skip the rest.

Don’t wear accessories all at once – you might end up looking trashy, not classy!

The key here is to experiment and do one thing at a time. For example, lay out your little black dress (LBD) and then try accessorizing one by one. Does the belt look better or a gorgeous necklace will do? Can I pair it up with funky tights or just wear red stilettos? And you will be surprised that with just one dress, you can create dozens of looks just by using accessories!

Style Guides: Petite and Curvy Women


A Style Guide for Petite Women

enhanced-19849-1418056420-14Are you 5’4” or under?

You are classified as petite in the fashion world if you are 5’4” or under. However, let’s clear the misconception that petite means short and slim – petite women come in all shapes and sizes. Clothes are labeled petite because they have narrower shoulders and shorter inseams.

Here are some useful styling tips that can make your fashion look easier to put together.

  1. Be open to hunting in the children’s section. Considering the trends these days, what you usually wear have children counterparts. You might even be surprised to find classic pieces! They even are less expensive!
  1. Use layers to achieve a perfect fit. If a clothing item is too big, tuck it in and layer on a more form-fitting piece over it.
  1. Know how to alter your clothes as they won’t fit perfectly off the rack, especially when it comes to length.
  1. Have long shirt sleeves? Cuff them at the elbow. They emphasize your shape too. The same thing goes for long jeans.
  1. You aren’t banned from wearing maxi dresses, just pay attention to its silhouette. Avoid roomy cuts with lots of material. If you wear a maxi dress that has volume at the bottom, wear a fitted or tucked in top.
  1. Balance is key. A fitted crop top should be paired with high-waisted shorts, jeans or skirts.
  1. Bottom clothes and shoes that are similar in color elongate your legs. For example, black leggings with black heels create the illusion of a longer line. If you don’t want to wear tights and want to show some legs, wear nude pumps that match your skin tone.
  1. To lengthen your torso, wear fitted shirt that is longer than your top garment.

A Style Guide for Curvy Women

Kim Kardashian. Beyonce. Catherine Zeta-Jones.

These women are really curvy and still manage to look really sexy and well put together. Consider this your style guide in helping you hide problem areas and enhance your assets!


  1. Choose the right underwear. Eight out of ten women wear the wrong fit, size or shaped bra. Knowing your real size and investing on the right fit can make your body look so much slimmer.
  1. Don’t try to hide your curves with large clothes – remember this rule: Not too large, but not too clingy. Choose well-fitted clothes, ones that enhance your small waist and fit loosely or skim in other parts of the body.
  1. As much as possible, avoid wearing high necklines. Wear V-necks because it elongates your silhouette. Scoop necklines also flatter your shape.
  1. Use belts! It can add more definition to your curves by enhancing the smallest part of your body – your waist. Wide belts work with tops and dresses and have a flattering effect on your curves.
  1. When wearing dresses, choose ones that have hemlines that hit the spot where your legs start becoming slimmer – just above or under the knees should do the trick.
  1. High-waisted skirts are for you! Choose A-line skirts that hug your small waist and skims over your hips and thighs.

My Fab PLNDR Dresses

The 5:19 Dress – style stalker


This dress is so fab, I love wearing this when I go out with my girls. The Ultimate dress for long nights out!

The Bella Dress in Black and Pink – Motel


This is one of my casual wears. Dinner with family, friends or simply going out shopping. The best everyday dress.

The Mesh Chemise with Lace Trim in Lemon Grass – Honeydew Intimates


This Mesh Chemise is my favorite dress for going to bed and it is for my hubby ;). He loves seeing me in this at night.

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